What are the differences between woven and non-woven bags?

Bags made using woven and non-woven bags are durable and strong. They are used as shopping bags and other purposes. Many people don’t know the differences between woven and non-woven bags. Here are the major differences between the two.

Woven bags

These bags are made from fabrics that are made by joining threads, that is, by weaving. They are flexible and can retain their shape. The bags are very strong and so can be used many times. You can wash the bag in a washing machine. You can get both matte and laminated finish. Woven bags may let water through it, but lamination can create a protection. These bags are used to carry big loads of building materials, bottles, etc.

Non-woven bags

These are made of fabrics that are not woven together. They are bonded using mechanical, thermal or chemical treatments. The non-woven bags are more versatile and can be used in varieties of applications. These are commonly used in art and crafts. The non-woven bag is a popular replacement for plastic bags. The color and texture of these bags last for many years. You can screen print on it. These bags are cheaper than woven bags and so most people prefer buying non-woven bags. Another feature of these bags is that they are eco-friendly. They can be reused and recycled.

So, the type of bag you choose depends on the design and your purpose. You can find great design and color for both bags. Buy woven or non-woven bags to serve your purpose.