We manufacture nonwoven fabrics for various industries. Our products go through a high-level quality check before they are sent to our clients. We do thorough research and use the latest technology to manufacture the best nonwoven fabric that will be used for various purposes. Here are some of the products we manufacture.

Automotive industry

We manufacture headliners, parcel tray, floor carpets, etc. of a car. Our fabrics are abrasion-resistant and so ideal for these purposes. These are also water and oil resistant. They are strong enough to hold loads.


The nonwoven fabrics we manufacture are strong, permeable and have thermal insulation properties. They are ideal for the shoes, bags, packaging and furnishing industry.


We manufacture filter media for filtration. We research on the product constantly to find out customized solutions for our clients. Our final products are used in the steel, cement, glass, food processing and water treatment industries. We make breathing masks, filter bags, purifier, etc. for our clients.

We use various technologies to manufacture our products including needle punching, stitch bonding, calendaring, lamination, etc. We always make sure that our manufacturing process leaves a minimum carbon footprint. Our products are recyclable, and so won’t end up in landfills. We are the one-stop provider of the non-woven fabrics for many industries. In order to learn more about the products, you can write to us. You will also find valuable information on this site.